Pablo Arantes

Pablo Arantes

Associate Professor

São Carlos, SP - Brazil


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Associate Professor
2013 - Present · São Carlos Federal University (UFSCar)
I’m affiliated with the Languages and Linguistics Department. My undergraduate teaching assignments are mostly introductory linguistics, phonetics and phonology courses both theoretical and practical. I’m also affiliated with the Linguistics Graduate Program, where I advise master and doctorate candidates.
Associate Coordinator
2019 - Present · Linguistics Graduate Program at UFSCar
2016 - 2019 · Luso-Brazilian Association of Speech Sciences
Served as Secretary and Vice-President in previous terms.


PhD in Linguistics
2005 - 2010 · Campinas State University
Thesis: Integrating production and perception of secondary prominences in a dynamical perspective of rhythm
B.A. in Linguistics
2000 - 2003 · Campinas State University


Journal Articles

2018. P. Arantes, M. Linhares. Probing the robustness of a methodology to determine the base value of fundamental frequency. Revista de Estudos da Linguagem 26 (2), 535-570.

2017. P. Arantes, V. G. Lima. Towards a methodology to estimate minimum sample length for speaking rate. Revista do GEL 14 (2), 183-197.

2017. P. Arantes, M. Linhares. Effect of language, speaking style and speaker sex on global measures of fundamental frequency. Letras de Hoje 52 (1), 26-39.


2019. P. Arantes, A. Eriksson. Quantifying Fundamental Frequency Modulation as a Function of Language, Speaking Style and Speaker. Interspeech 2019, 2019-2857.

2018. P. Arantes, A. Eriksson, V. G. Lima. Minimum Sample Length for the Estimation of Long-term Speaking Rate. 9th International Conference on Speech Prosody 2018, 661-665.

2017. P. Arantes, A. Eriksson, S. Gutzeit. Effect of Language, Speaking Style and Speaker on Long-term F0 Estimation. Interspeech 2017, 3897-2901.


UFSCar Phonetics Lab
Group of researchers working on phonetics at UFSCar.
Praat scripts
My GitHub repository hosts some Praat scripts I’ve coded over the years. All code there is GPL-licensed, but it is always nice to cite it if you use it in your research. I have taught Praat tutorials in several venues and am available to schedule tutorial sessions for research groups.
Statistics for linguists
Ongoing writing of an introductory book on statistics for linguists with R (in Brazilian Portuguese) in collaboration with Plinio A. Barbosa (State University of Campinas).
Forensic phonetics
Research on how segmental and prosodic features can be of use to forensic phonetics in collaboration with Anders Eriksson (Stockholm University).